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Related post: Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 11:23:10 +1000 (EST) From: Dane Isaac Subject: Rian chapter 5hey everyone! i'm getting such a great response to this story! if i havent emailed russian mautre sex you back yet dont fret i'll get russian ******** fucking to it! So here's the russian nude pic thumbnail next chapter, sorry russian schoolgirls photos it was a bit of a wait... anyway let me know what you free nude russian pussy think! Rian Chapter 5 Sometime later Tristian came through to report that Gus russian naturisten had got a hold of Rian's grandparents and that they russian naturists photos had signed over temporary guardianship in lieu of Rian's dad. Something complicated that the boys didn't really care about. All they knew was that now Gus could make decisions for Rian who was still some months away russian naked girl photo from his 18th birthday.Most of this went over Rian's head as the drugs made him kind of oblivious. In fact while most russian ladies online of this was illegal russian nude all illegal russian ftp going on 2 russian girls porn Rian was contentedly dreaming.He dreamed of russian porn small a boy with honey coloured eyes and a russian xxx gallery brilliant smile. He dreamed of silly disconnected things too, melting icy poles, sliding down grassy hills on flattened cardboard boxes, the feeling you got when you jumped off the top tower at the swimming pool, russian girls getting fucked the sick russian toples girls yet illegal russian pussy satisfied feeling you got russian tgp galleries when you ate an entire bag of lollies.His thoughts gradually changed. He saw his father's nude russian schoolboys angry face the russian nymphs porn time he thought his mother's lipstick would make great war paint. He saw his father's frustration when Rian took an extraordinarily long time to work out how to tie his shoe laces, he saw his russian petite pussy father talking to his mother at the back of the hall when russian pussy he graduated from primary school instead of taking photos like everyone else's parents. Finally he saw the look of absolute hatred and anger on his father's face as he kicked and punched Rian's already battered body.It was with this image in his mind that Rian woke. Jake was gone and the room was dark. He could hear facial russian heavy breathing and slight snoring from the room's other occupants and the faint yet amazingly penetrating hospital noises.Rian wished someone was there.He woke sex russian kid up to whispering the russian nude free pics next morning, surprised that he had fallen asleep in the first place. Jake and Tristian were in the corner smiling and whispering to each other. Rian felt a sudden pang of jealousy shoot through him as he watched.Jake looked up suddenly and saw he was awake. He russian search engine porn grinned widely and hurried over to forum russian porno his side."Hey Rian. How you feeling this morning?"Rian smiled faintly. "Thirsty."Jake spun to get water but Tristian was already there dripping wet russian cunts and the two of them smacked into each other. Giggling, they argued about russian sexy girl photo who got to give Rian water.Rian watched them. They seemed really close and again jealousy reared. It was then that Rian noticed a dull pain in his chest. He was pretty sure it wasn't from jealousy though. He winced but was really glad that the pain was not half as bad as yesterday, although that may have had something to do with the painkillers he was on.Jake had conceded the battle russian illegal defloration and Tristian russian sex fotos approached with a cup of water. Rian watched them silently.Tristian frowned. There was something in Rian's russian naturism family nudist eyes, well eye really, that hinted that he was upset about something. Tristian helped him tilt his head and held the water steady for him as Rian used one shaking hand.Jake russian nude kid had run around the other side illegal russian porne of the bed and picked up Rian's free hand. He was rubbing it gently and despite himself, Rian started to relax. russian sexe pics When Rian's head was back on the pillow, Jake reached out and smoothened Rian's short curls off his forehead. Rian's eyes closed as he reveled in the feel of the russian nude 14 yo gentle hand."Ree?" Tristian said softly and Rian looked at him. "Your grandparents are arriving today to see how you are."Rian wasn't sure how hardcore russian women he felt russian ******** about that. They were russian nudist sex snobby rich people who lived in a huge russian liasons marriage agency house in an area with all the other snobby rich people. Rian, being a bit of a so******t at heart especially where welfare and erotic russian phrases equality was concerned, had tolerated them politely but never really liked them."Tristian? Do they know?" He gay russian websites didn't mean that his father had done russian penthouse lily this but that he was gay.Tristian guessed what he meant. "No. Dad does though and he wants to talk with you."Jake was russian adult sex looking puzzled. "Knows what?" He asked curiously.Rian rape russians free stared at him for a moment. For some reason his past fear of people knowing had diminished. "I'm gay. That's why my dad beat me up."Jake looked horrified and making russian pickles for a moment Rian thought that nude russian men he was horrified at the fact that he was gay. russian cum "How russian sex nude photo could your father do that?"As the reality of the news sunk into both Rian and Jake, a shy smile passed between them. A smile that made both their hearts race. The moment was russian school girl porn interrupted by Gus."Boys? Can I speak with Rian alone please?" Gus asked.The boys nodded and headed out the door.Gus smiled at Rian naturist gallery russian as walked over and sat in the chair beside the bed. He drew the curtain partially around for some added privacy."I'm not going to beat around the bush, let me get russian gay sex sites straight to the point. Tristian told me that you're gay russian nude commercials and that this was why your father has been russian litlle girls hurting you. Firstly Rian, I want you to know that you are kind of like girls naturists russian a second son to me and I've been very worried about you lately. Ange and I don't russian pic free care that you're gay." russian girls nude nature Gus patted Rian's hand in comfort."Rian, I've talked to your grandparents and they have signed over temporary guardianship. They will be here later on russian loloita today." Gus frowned and Rian noticed that he russian girls sexy seemed troubled. "I russian nudists haven't told them small russian girls free why your father beat you but your father has been arrested and I'm sure they will find russian fucked girls out soon. No matter what I will still be asking if I can get permanent guardianship over you. I want you to come russian gayboy and live at our place. Ange is cleaning up the guest room for you as we speak. She wanted me to tell sex angels russian you she will be around to see you later.""The police will also be in this afternoon to question you and my lawyer and I will be there if you want. How does that sound? Do you want to live with us? Its ok if you would prefer to live with your grandparents."Rian smiled happily for the first time in a long while then tears started to appear."I want to stay with you and Ange." The tears overwhelmed him.Gus held him while he cried.When Gus left the hairy russian sluts two boys hurried russian pussy fuckers back in. Jake was continually shocked and upset every time he saw Rian laying russian nymphs sex movies there. How could Rian's own father hurt him like that? Just because he was gay? Jake had told his parents that he was gay when he was fourteen and they didn't bat an eyelid.He came from a massive family, with two older brothers, an older sister, two younger sisters who were twins and a younger brother. The only one who had some difficulty with it was his oldest brother Mark. Mark had married a russian nymph hairless very religious woman and had converted. It took the whole family ganging up on Mark to make him see reason. Things weren't the same between them but Jake had never 14 yo asian russian been that russian preeten close to his eldest brother in the first russian preeten girls place.Jake stared at Rian illegal russians girls gallery from the doorway. He had told a few family members about the intriguing boy and they had all encouraged him to russian just married sex get to know him. He had held back before never hoping russian illegal nudes that Rian could be gay. But he was.Jake couldn't help the grin that came over his face. single russian girls imagesizelarge He caught up with Tristian and made his way over to Rian's bed.Perching himself on the edge of the bed, Jake reached over and took Rian's hand."What did russian mafia drug trafficking Dad russian nudist nature say Ree?" Tristian asked eagerly, hiding lotita russian a smile at Jake's obvious infatuation."He wants me to stay at your house.""AND?" Tristian demanded grinning."I want to live with you russian sex pictures guys." Rian said smiling as Tristian started bouncing around russian legal porn the room like Tigger.After he russian angel gallery had been told off by a russian boys nude photos nurse, Tristian declared he was petite russian naturists going russian raped girls to talk to his dad about how best to use his new slave. Grinning evilly he raced from the room much to the annoyance of the nurse who called after him to slow russian nudism free down. Muttering, she turned back to her patient."He means that doesn't he?" Jake laughed.Rian smiled. "He only wishes. Bet underground russian porno you Gus'll make him slave after me until I get better. There'll be hell to russian girls pictures pay."Rian laughed russian upskirts free pics when he heard a nurse in the hall say loudly, "Slow down young man! You nearly bowled me over!"The laugh quickly turned into a grimace and he clutched petite russians nude his chest as a sharp twinge of pain shot through his ribs.Jake noticed and went into russian maxwells lol girls mother hen mode. "Are you ok? Do you want me to call gay russian guys the doctor?"Rian smiled faintly. "I'm fine just remind me not to laugh.""Ok." Jake said seriously. "Hold on, I'll put in my phone."They stared at each other a moment russian incest stories ru then Jake grinned and Rian couldn't help the giggle that burst out."Ow!" He winced again"Sorry!" Jake was instantly contrite. He stared at Rian quietly, trying to resist the urge to run his fingers russian angels thumbs tver girls russian through that beautiful raven hair.After a second of internal battle, Jake gave russian women nude marriage in. He leaned close and brushed Rian's forehead tenderly with his fingers."Oh Rian." He whispered, moving his fingers into Rian's soft russian nudes women curls.Rian watched him, taking in the expression on Jake's face. He couldn't ever remember seeing russian incest sites that expression on someone's face as they looked at him before.It russian girl photos tgp was a look of loving tenderness. Those russian rapes hot russian babes honey eyes moved closer and closer. Rian felt Jake's breath softly fanning his mouth then Jake's lips brushed his own.
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